Track Overall Revenue Sales Generated From Your Store

Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre, 2018  11:10
PESCARA, Abruzzo


Track Overall Revenue Sales Generated From Your Store - Smart Marketers always wanted to stay up-to-date with different Stages of order purchase.HubSpot Deal Per Order plugin provides that simplicity to break the Shop orders into Stages. | HubSpot Deal Per Order allows you to convert the individual potential sale of your store to HubSpot Deals. Track your store’s overall Sales and Revenue generated throughout the month or specified period of time. | | Features: | | 1. Allow you to create and set up a new WooCommerce Sales Pipeline and custom Deal groups and properties. | 2. Allows to exporting old orders of your store to HubSpot as deals just in a single click. | 3. Provide you to simple ROI tracking of your orders. | 4. Converts each and every order of your e-commerce store to HubSpot Deal with appropriate deal-stage, amount and closing date. | 5. Auto-updates the deals on HubSpot whenever any order status is changed or updated. | | Thanks | MakeWebbetter |


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